Sunday, June 21, 2009

The Joys of Being a Landlord! UGH!

So, my sister lived in a some rental property that I own. When she moved in, it was in perfect, sell able condition. After 3 years, she moved out and left me a mess! All of the surfaces are covered in nicotine and dog mess! The door frames were scratched from the dogs and the smell was horrible! She had a leak under the kitchen sink that she did not fix. It rotted out the wood under the cabinet and there was a couple of inches of standing water in the cabinet! It also runined the kitchen floor! It all needed to be replaced. So, I worked and cleaned and found a renter who was going to finish all of the painting for me, since she was "so into interior design" and was such a good painter! So, the contract was signed, I gave her keys, 5 gallons of off white satin finish paint and supplies. She was supposed to schedule the installation of the carpet in about a week after she finished painting. The morning, the carpet was to be installed, the installer called me and told me that the tenant cancelled the installation. I tried to call her for 2 days, no answer. I finally got a call from her and she had an excuse about a sick grandmother.... 2 weeks later, I get my first rent check. I go to the bank to cash it and find out that there is a stop payment on the check! Again, I try and try to call her.. no answer. So, I go to the house to find that the keys have been left and her vacuum and kid's toys are gone. Still no answer when I call. A few days later, I finally get a call from her. Another sob story about how her husband's hours are cut and they can't pay and can I please give her another 3 weeks. NO WAY!!

So, Bob and I are stuck painting, cleaning up HER mess and trying to find a new tenant all the while continueing to pay the mortgage on 2 houses! The ONE room that the tenant did paint was a bedroom that she decided to paint a BRIGHT BLUE semi-gloss! Drips and splatters on carpet and all! She also threw away all of the hardware to the stair railing, the closet and the mini blinds! Bob and I have been painting Non-stop for over a week now. I am BEAT! I hurt so bad and am so tired. The house is looking really, really good now. The carpet is being installed on Tuesday and I found some really nice new tenants. I am hoping it all works out!

The first picture is the huge hole that was left from removing the stair railing. The second picture is the lack of hardware left on the railing.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Please Vote for My Card!

I have entered PromoPixie's Red, White and Blue Contest. Pixie is a wonderful the creator of all of my ETSY banner's Avatars, business cards, labels and everything else promotion-wise. I am even getting a T-shirt from her! Mel (Pixie) is sponsoring a contest featuring 20 ETSY shops. Here is my entery. PLEASE VOTE FOR ME!