Sunday, August 24, 2008

MIchigan was WONDERFUL!

We had a wonderful time in Michigan! It was such a quiet and relaxing weekend. We rode bikes, drank coffee and read on the 100ft long front porch, and we walked along the beach. Most of all, we just enjoyed being together. The beach was beautiful!

We went into New Buffalo, MI to eat dinner. We found a wonderful restaurant called the Stray Dog Bar and Grill. They have the best margaritas and peel and eat shrimp!

We stayed at the Lakeside Inn. It is a historic inn, on the shore of Lake Michigan. It had the feel of an old summer camp. There was the 100ft long porch that I already mentioned lined with rockers and swings. Inside, there is a ball room with chairs and couches that is wonderful to just sit and read, talk or even put together a jigsaw puzzle!

It was the best weekend that we have had in a really long time. I highly recommend it.


Gifts, Etc. said...

Beautiful picture!! Glad you had a great time. Now...can I get in on that shrimp too? lol

Anonymous said...

I'm from Michigan but, I now live in Florida. That picture is just breath taking. Sometimes I miss being home.

Jessica said...

That sunset is beautiful! I'm glad you had such a wonderful time! :)

Gifts, Etc. said...

I'm serious about the shrimp, Judy. lol

I have nominated you for the Brilliante Weblog Premio 2008 award, check out my blog for more info :)