Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Christopher is Home!

Christopher came home from college last night! It is so cool having him home even thought it is for less than 24 hours. He has an apartment in Chicago, so he is staying there this summer and hopefully he will find a job soon. He came home last night so that he can go to a concert in Cincinnati with some friends. Sadly, I will only see him a few hours tonight after work and that will probably be it for the summer. He wants to do some free laundry and get some free food while here at home :) That is teenagers for you!

Other news: I am offically finished with Freshman Biology! I took my final on Monday. I recieved an "A" in bio lab!!!!!!!!! I am still waiting on my lecture grade. I start Spanish in less than 2 weeks. :( I'm not looking forward to that at all!

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Gifts, Etc. said...

Congrats on the Biology! And best of luck with the Spanish. I remember those days when I would come home for free laundry and a home cooked meal. :-) Just 17 more years till Evan starts doing that with me. lol