Friday, October 17, 2008

Two of my Favorite Smell Good ETSY Shops

Let me introduce you to two of my favorite Smell Good Shops on ETSY; Aromalite and WhatsThatSmell. Both shops make the BEST smelly items!

My favorites are Applejack scent from Aromalite. She has fantastic tarts and room spray! Aromalite also makes incredible lipbalm! You have to try the Wintermint!

Whatsthatsmell also makes incredible tarts! Some of my favorites are Atlantic Avenue and Fall Leaves. I just got the greatest fall leaf tart burner from WhatsThatSmell. You also have to try the Heian Kyo Facial Scrub Kit! Your face will feel like a baby's butt after using this scrub!

Try both of their shops! You won't be sorry!

1 comment:

redbarbi said...

I'm loving your blog, and of course the shops you are showing, roma is wonderful, whatsthatsmell is another great one. Keep up the good work Pink. Love your shop, great things