Friday, May 14, 2010

Reasons to Be Happy

As I explained in my earlier post, things have not exactly been going my way the last year. Happiness hasn't exactly been easy to find lately. I thought that just by being here in Hawaii, that I would be instantly happy. Imagine my surprise when I got here and realized that I am still not happy. WHAT? Seriously?? I mean, it's good. I'm content. I'm not stressed. My body seems to be healing somewhat. But I don't have that euphoric feeling that I should have! What am I doing wrong? I have been thinking about how blessed that I am. I am here! This is my third trip to Hawaii. I know that so many people only dream of coming here and I booked this trip on a whim just 2 weeks ago. How many people get to do that??? So, what is wrong with me? What am I missing?

I was walking back from the beach this morning and went into a little shop that had wonderfully hand-made beach themed items. This little book caught my eye and I had to have it! It is called "How To Be Happy" by Sandy Gingras. The book is full on wonderful little illustrations and words of wisdom on how to find joy in everyday life.

"smiley smells"
Choclate chip cookies baking
butter melting
roasted garlic
a new-mown lawn

when he calls just to hear the sound of your voice
an afternoon nap on the couch

It is a small little book, but sometimes smiles come in small packages. Maybe I need to take a clue from her and realize that I don't have to travel half way around the world in search of happiness. Maybe it is in my backyard and I just didn't see it.


Mary said...

Happiness can be an elusive thing, Pinky. So many people are not happy. I think happiness is a peace we find within ourselves. Things or other people cannot make us happy. We need to love ourselves and be at peace with ourselves before happiness can be experienced. Praying for you. Enjoy Hawaii.


araleling said...

Happiness comes in many forms. Try not to stress out on everything and take it easy =)
It is easier to find happiness that way

Enjoy hawaii, go do the hula =D